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Bacchante by the Sea

Opening: Friday 2 August from 5-9 pm
Geukens & De Vil, KNOKKE

Exhibition > 15 September 2019

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© We Document Art, 2019


Subverting rigid boundaries of what constitutes a painting, Tuttle (°1989, Santa Fe, New Mexico) uses textile techniques and organic materials such as wool and silk to create paintings that move within the scope of painting and sculpture.


The wool in each painting is spun by hand, producing a variation of line that is determined by the energy of the artist’s body.  Afterwards, the material is woven, washed, and often pounded for hours. Elements of brass, bronze, found stones and stones cast from stainless steel add new layers of materiality.

A dialogue is created between the shifting levels of opacity amid the dense, irregular wool surface and fragments of dyed silk, allowing the space on, in and behind each wall piece to become an integral part of the work.


The natural ‘fluidity’ and ‘live-ness’ of the materials is what fascinates the artist. By manipulating these elements and framing them in wooden stretchers – which function as a structure or a ‘spine’ – Tuttle creates work that triggers a sense of visual touch, appealing to other sensorial entities than merely the eyes, and visualizing how we as body of matter locate ourselves in a world, which is matter as well.


The interplay between textile, landscape, body and architecture blends the boundaries of what constitutes traditional painting and sculpture. Combining the haptic and the visual, Tuttle creates work that goes beyond a mere visual experience. 


Credits: We Document Art

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