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Opening: Saturday 07 October, from 11am-6pm
Exhibition > 29 October 2023
Geukens & De Vil, KNOKKE
Openinghours: Saturday-Sunday, from 11am-6pm


Geukens & De Vil Gallery and Duende Art Projects proudly invite you to “Echoes”, an inspiring and innovative dialogue between western contemporary art and antique works of art from the African continent.

Juxtaposing old and new, curators Bruno Claessens and Marie-Paule De Vil explore the intersections of artistic expression across time and space, presenting a shared vision of a world of beauty that transcends cultural boundaries. This conversation brings together the rich heritage of African artistic traditions and the diverse expressions of contemporary artists. “Echoes” is a unique opportunity to experience the magic that happens when contemporary art encounters the timeless beauty of classical African sculptures and invites viewers to contemplate the connections between these two worlds to explore how ideas, emotions, and stories echoe across continents and generations.

“Echoes” presents works by Moataz Alqaissy (b. 1986, Irak), Babs Decruyenaere (b. 1978, Belgium), Matthew Feyld (b. 1985, Canada), Sofie Muller (b. 1974, Belgium), Jaromir Novotny (b. 1974, Czech Republic) and Marthe Wery (1930-2005, Belgium) together with a curated selection of antique artworks by anonymous artists from Tanzania, Kenya, Mali, South-Africa, Nigeria, and Congo.This diverse range of artworks, including paintings and sculptures, are thoughtfully arranged to create an inspiring and engaging environment. Visitors can expect to be transported into a world where the past and the present converge in a space where the creativity of contemporary artists echoes the intelligence of African craftsmanship.

Join us in celebrating the convergence of old and new, tradition and innovation, at Geukens & De Vil Gallery, Zeedijk 735 - 8300 Knokke from October 7th to October 29nd.

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