°1988, Lima, Peru
Lives and works in Ghent, Belgium






The paintings by Shirley Villavicencio Pizango (°1988, Lima) – a Ghent based artist with Peruvian roots – are vibrating and invigorating. A crossover between her daily life in Ghent and her inheritance of the South-American culture is what defines her work. Pizango visualizes her own interpretation of the world or more specifically, of the people she encounters; no matter if they are close friends, family or strangers. Not limiting herself to a classical approach of painting, her work is marked by spontaneity, bright colors and the elimination of any conventions regarding perspective. Her work reminds us of artists such as Picasso, Gauguin, Matisse but also Frida Kahlo or Diego Rivera – great sources of inspiration for the young artist. Geometrical figures and vegetal elements, line patterns referring to Nazca Lines in the desert, daily situations in the Amazon and portraits from her family fill each painting, creating an intimate world for the viewer to enter.