°1975, Wilrijk, Belgium






Live performance at
The Raft. Art is (not)  lonely, Muzee, Ostend (B)


Ruben Bellinkx’ (°1975, Belgium) intriguing drawings put attention to the clashing interweave of domestic severity and the unpredictable nature of animals, plants and water.

Even though these drawings exist as autonomous work, they are created as preliminary studies for films. The large scale of each work and finished detailing, hence the a-typical character of these studies, force Bellinkx to reflect about the subject matter for a longer period of time in a more profound way. 

In the experimental film Stasis Bellinkx goes even further. Instead of showing animals in an oppressive domestic situation, several male figures are stuck in a structure within the limits of their possibilities.In this movie it’s not any longer about the border between nature and culture but about the fading thin line between the object and the subject where the physical conditions of the subject are being questioned.