°1983, Accra-Ghana

Lives and works near Cologne, Germany

Upcoming show: THE JOY OF MY SKIN

Opening: 06 March from 1-6 pm

Exhibition >25 April 2021

Geukens & De Vil, ANTWERP



The artist’s body of work combines social criticism and childhood memories with contemporary influences from fashion, design and fine arts. Mayne’s paintings on canvas or cardboard are characterised by a colourful mix of oil pastel, chalk and acrylic with African Wax prints and recycled fabrics. He carefully eliminates the facial features of his characters, stating: “detailing the face reduces my message".

​Raphael Adjetey Adjei Mayne lives and works near Cologne, Germany. He studied at the Ghanatta College of Art and Design, Ghana. Mayne recently gained international media attention with his portraits of Amanda Gorman and Kamala Harris. Gorman’s portrait was purchased by women’s rights and LGBT+ activist Amar Singh and donated to the Harvard University Museum since, “This work must be in an institution. It is a celebration of women, a celebration of Black women, a celebration of hope.”