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SOFIE MULLER: 'Inauguration Cabinet / portrait SI024G'

24 May 2019
Congressional Child Abuse Antwerp 24 May 2019

Installation from 25 May 2019 in New Province House Antwerp
Collaboration between the Province of Antwerp and the Trust Center for Child Abuse in Antwerp

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The Gulf Between - over zwart, wit en alles daartussen'

27 jan - 21 april 2019
De Warande, Turnhout

De Warande brengt in deze tentoonstelling een rijke selectie samen van hedendaagse kunstwerken in een palet van zwart, wit en grijs die je op verschillende manieren de kracht van de kleurloosheid doen ervaren.

Curators: Annelies Nagels en Glenn Geerinck

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SOFIE MULLER in 'reparation'

23/02 - 28/04/2019

Les Halles de Schaarbeek

With roots in the quiet, peripheral landscape of Denmark and parents working as psychologists, Danish artist Asger Dybvad Larsen has found himself absorbed in a space of reflection from an early age. A space of looking inward and reflecting on the process of coming into being, which has also become a defining element in his art. In this interview, Asger Dybvad Larsen contemplates his own practice and how it leads him to challenge the way he works with colour, form, scale and not least the process itself - a constant inconstant in his art and in his life!

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THE CHANGE OF COLOUR IS LIKELY will be Ane Vester’s next project: an artist book, planned to be published by the end of 2019, accompanied by book launches and exhibitions in Belgium and Denmark – the artist’s home country.


The relation between colour, time, space and word is the key subject in the oeuvre of the in Belgium residing Danish artist Ane Vester (°1963). To her, every colour is an event, full of hidden stories and references. 


Subsequently, the book will consist of a colour palette deriving from the artist’s archive of colour recollections – thus an autonomous artwork in book format – and illustrated texts.


The project will communicate Vester’s work to a broader public and offers a unique view on the insights and experience gathered throughout the years.

To support and finance this project, Ane Vester created a limited edition of thirty handmade collages in two colour variations. Each work forms a unique colour scenario, constructed with colours from her archive.



- Title: Scenario 1 - sweater/poster or Scenario 2 - sleeve/table

- Material: handmade collages in two colour variations: unique colour mixtures painted   

  on cartoncollé cardboard cut to size, manually applied DECAdry rub off letters

- Dimensions: 125 x 195 x 4 mm

- Edition: 2 x 15

- Price: 250 EUR 

- Extra: a free copy of THE CHANGE OF COLOUR IS LIKELY


With your support we hope to ensure the publication and organization of this ambitious project!

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