Opening: Friday 03/08  from 5-8 pm

Geukens & De Vil, KNOKKE

Exhibition > 09/09/2018

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Even though Wéry and Lohaus exhibited together before in group-shows and knew and respected each other throughout their life – it is the first time after their passing away, that a gallery curates a duo-exhibition where the works of these iconic artists, one being a painter, the other a sculptor, will interact explicitly.

Marthe Wéry (1930 - 2005) and Bernd Lohaus (1940 - 2010), two leading artists of their generation in Belgium, both create works that are marked by a rather minimalist vocabulary and a silent poetry.


Marthe Wéry pushes the limits of painting, exploring all its basic components. Inspired by artists such as Kazimir Malevich or Barnett Newman, her work evolved from geometrical studies and minimalistic work on paper to monochromes that are marked by colour, radical painting techniques and unconventional ways of presenting with great attention towards the surrounding architecture. The interplay of light, transparency and structure provides her paintings tactility and poetry, moving her away from sterile minimalism.


Bernd Lohaus creates monumental sculptures or installations, using simple, untreated and pre-used materials such as wooden beams (that he got from the harbor), paper, thread, stone or tape which he only modifies in a minimal way and sometimes combines with language. Lohaus never changes the nature of his materials, allowing them to speak for themselves. Just as the paintings of Marthe Wéry, his sculptures are pure and poetical, despite the minimalistic approach of the artist.

© We Document Art, 2018