°1974, Český Brod, Czechoslovakia

Lives and works near Prague, Czech Republic



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Exhibition views


Watching the complete oeuvre of Jaromír Novotný it becomes clear that the artist is continuously challenging himself. The ongoing evolution in Novotný’s line of work led to his series of fragile monochromes on synthetic organza, stretched on a wooden frame.


Searching for new attitudes towards painting, Novotný provides painterly abstraction with a new substance. Creating neither merely formal nor conceptual work, Novotný outlines the restrictions and possibilities peculiar to the medium, the painterly process and the importance of the material.


Where his earlier pieces were painted on canvas, his current work is marked by synthetic organza, which elevates the use of white to a whole new level and provides the paintings – in combination with the color field approach of the plane – with a certain fragility.

By accumulating thin geometric layers of paint, incorporating the frame and/or space behind the canvas and leaving small irregularities or sewn details hidden in each painting, Novotný succeeds in creating delicate and personal compositions. A variety of lines, breaks, structures and fields slowly unfold towards the viewer, leaving a tension between the canvas as a whole and the need for a more detailed look.

In this manner Jaromír Novotný forces the eye to shift from the overall work towards the relation with its various fields and edges, subsequently providing the viewer with different levels of perception.

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