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New focus



Over the years both gallerists have built up expertise and know-how on many artistic levels, which they intend to implement in a more differentiated way. Geukens & De Vil Projects aims to launch exciting autonomous projects unlimited by time and space, freed from prevailing standards and applicable norms. With the connections they built up over the years they will initiate independent collaborations with institutes, museums, private collectors, gallerists, artists and others.


With their background in art history and their knowledge of Old Master Fine Arts and Contemporary Art , Yasmine Geukens & Marie-Paule De Vil  proved their curatorial mastership by organizing several successful art historical exhibitions. In the exhibitions Ecce Homo (2017-2018) and Finis Terrae (2022-2023) they intelligently linked theme-based contemporary artworks with existing museum-collections such as Museum Mayer Van den Bergh (Antwerpen), World Heritage Institute Museum Plantin-Moretus (Antwerpen), Snijders&Rockox House (Antwerpen), …

The social relevance of these projects inspired them to further explore this fascinating path of large-scale (and small-scale) temporary exhibitions.


However, future events will not exclusively focus on art but will expand to a fascinating myriad of opportunities that reflect the founders' extensive personal interests. Both are hugely inspired  by the natural world, travels and food and have a particular passion for beauty which they find in old objects, furniture and architecture.





In addition to curatorial projects, Geukens & De Vil Projects offers expertise in art-consultancy and archiving. Through a personal approach they guide you through the labyrinth of the artworld, introduce you to galleries, lead you through artfairs, visit artist studios and advise you in selecting artworks that enrich your personal life and environment.


If you have been piling up artworks, forgot when or where you bought them or in which exhibitions they have been showcased, Geukens & De Vil  Projects is most happy to offer you a taylor-made solution and bring order in the chaos. 

Geukens & De Vil Projects

Geukens & De Vil Gallery turns into Geukens & De Vil Projects


After 25 years of gallery-experience in the Belgian and international contemporary art world  art historians Yasmine Geukens  and Marie-Paule De Vil have decided to fundamentally change direction. 

Post-covid society and hence the art world have become an ever-growing rat-race.

The faster everything goes, the less time for constructive dialogue and social relevance, research and meaningfulness. Therefore they took the radical decision to turn the tide and resolutely opt for slow projects that are not only very well thought out but that are equally given time to grow, mature and flourish.

Upcoming projects



Dialogue between contemporary art and classical African objects and sculptures. 

In collaboration with Duende Art Projects 

When: 7-8 October, 14-15 October, 21-22 October

Where: Zeedijk 735, 8300 Knokke 

More info following soon!


Beyond Borders - Isabel Miquel Arqués 

in dialogue with Virginia Woolf 

Opening exhibition: 21 October, from 2-5 pm  ( > 18 November 2023)

Location: Geukens & De Vil, Leopoldplaats 12, 2000 Antwerpen

October & November, we dedicate to Virginia Woolf!

Book Launch in presence of the artist - with an introduction by Kristien Hemmerechts

Beyond Borders II - Published by Ludion - Price: 39,9 Euro

Date: 21 October, 2-5 pm
Location: Geukens & De Vil, Leopoldplaats 12, 2000 Antwerpen

Performance: Hilde Van Mieghem & Marie Vinck read Virginia Woolf

Date: 22 October, from 4-5 pm
Ticket: 5 EUR - more info via De Studio 

Location: De Studio, Antwerpen 

Virginia Woolf Dinners 

Bloomsbury’s Dinner - with introduction and readings by Eric Rinckhout

Date: 20 October, 7 pm at Casa Lozana Antwerp

Monk’s House Dinner, in honor of Caroline Pauwels -  with introduction and readings by Eric Rinckhout

Date: 04 November, 7 pm at Casa Lozana Antwerp

Mrs. Ramsey’s and Mrs. Dalloway’s Dinner - with introduction and readings by Eric Rinckhout

Date: 18 November, 7 pm at Casa Lozana Antwerp 

Price per dinner: 125 Euro (per person)

Limited seats! Subscription is mandatory - via 

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